Docdata Payments

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About Docdata Payments

We are a leading payment service provider founded on January 5, 2000 as Triple Deal. In May 2007 Triple Deal became part of the Docdata e-Solutions Group and the name changed to what it is today: Docdata Payments. In July 2017 CM Group acquired Docdata Payments.

As one of the leading payment service providers we believe it is our job to improve the payment landscape. Making payments should be as easy as possible and at the same time it must be safe and secure. Our mission is to accomplish that by smartly combining technologies and services and thereby create practical solutions that make life easy.

Latest news

New Style, Same Reliability

30 Jan - Last July we were acquired by With this acquisition we became part of an innovative tech company that specialises in online services as core business. This also means we are no longer part of the former Docdata e-Solutions Group. However our visual identity was still based on the values of the Docdata Group. After careful thought we decided this to be the right time to change this and create our own.

Do you offer the right payment methods?

17 Jan - A customised selection of payment methods is one of the key elements to make your business a success. You can enhance your success by showing familiar payment methods to your customers in order to prevent them from cancelling the order. Choosing the perfect selection of payment methods does require customer knowledge though.